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Personal Groups


What are these groups?

If you’re seeking a deep spiritual relationship with the Divine and a community experience, this group is for you. You will find authentic conversation and relationships that can transform your life.

We believe true relationships with God and each other are built on trust. This is best accomplished in small groups with people you hang-out- with regularly. 


What will you do at one of these groups?

•           Meditation

•           Silence

•           Solitude AND Community

Join one of our groups and experience transparent relationships where you can enjoy the freedom of being yourself while drawing closer to the Divine. 


Church Groups

If you’re a pastor or a group leader who wants to help people draw closer to God while building stronger relationships with each other, we can help you. In our groups, learn how to practice and lead others in these spiritual disciplines:

•           Lectio Divina, or Divine Reading
•           Listening Prayer
•           Silence
•           Solitude AND Worship


Speaking Opportunities

Looking For New Ways To Help Your People Draw Closer To God And One Another?

Interested In Interviewing An Accomplished Expert For Your Articles, Blogs, Radio Or TV Shows?

Here is a list of the topics I have been speaking about for decades: 

  • Meditative reading of the Scripture or Lectio Divina
  • Silence as a way to draw closer to God
  • Listening for God's direction in sharing our stories
  • The value of the community
  • Solitude as a means for spiritual transformation AND
  • The value of transparency in building true relationships

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